Kelso Technologies Inc (NYSE AMEX:KIQ)

Kelso Technologies Inc. is a railway equipment supplier that produces and sells tank car service equipment used for the safe loading, unloading and containment of hazardous materials during transport. The Company designs, engineers, markets, produces and distributes various pressure relief valves and manway securement systems designed to reduce the risk of environmental harm due to non-accidental events in the transportation of hazardous commodities via railroad tank cars. It offers approximately 60 products, which include a series of over 47 types of externally mounted constant force spring pressure relief valve for pressure management; over four types of Kelso Klinchers; approximately four types of bottom outlet valves; over four types of vacuum relief valves and approximately one Eduction Technology eduction tube product that address the technical requirements of load and unload operations and the containment of hazardous commodities during transport.

Last updated February 15, 2019