Fat Brands Inc. (NASDAQ:FAT)

"...FAT Brands is a leading multi-brand restaurant franchising company that develops, markets, and acquires predominantly fast casual restaurant concepts around the world. As a franchisor, we generally do not own or operate restaurant locations, but rather generate revenue by charging franchisees an initial franchise fee as well as ongoing royalties. This asset light franchisor model provides the opportunity for strong profit margins and an attractive free cash flow profile while minimizing restaurant operating company risk, such as long-term real estate commitments or capital investments. Our scalable management platform enables us to add new stores and restaurant concepts to our portfolio with minimal incremental corporate overhead cost, while taking advantage of significant corporate overhead synergies and franchisee cross-selling opportunities. The acquisition of additional brands and restaurant concepts as well as expansion of our existing brands are key elements of our growth strategy.
We currently operate the Fatburger, Buffalo’s Cafe and Buffalo’s Express restaurant concepts, with 176 total locations across seven states and 18 countries as of June 25 , 2017. Our overall footprint (including development agreements for proposed stores in new markets and nine countries where our brands previously had a presence that we intend to resell to new franchisees) covers 32 countries . For each of our current restaurant brands and those that we will seek to acquire, the ability to expand the overall concept footprint, both domestically and internationally, is of critical importance and a primary acquisition evaluation criterion. We believe that our restaurant concepts have meaningful growth potential and appeal to a broad base of consumers globally..."

Last updated September 29, 2017