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BEIJING, October 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China TransInfo Technology Corp. ("China TransInfo" or the "Company") (...
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BEIJING, September 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- China TransInfo Technology Corp. (NASDAQ: CTFO) ("China TransInfo" or the...
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Second-Quarter 2012 Highlights: Revenues were $31.4 million, a decrease of 14.8% year over year Net income was $...
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China TransInfo, through its subsidiary Beijing PKU ChinaFront High Technology Co., Ltd. ("PKU"), is primarily focused on providing transportation information services. The Company aims to become the largest transportation information product and comprehensive solutions provider, as well as the largest integrated transportation information platform and commuter traffic media platform builder and operator in China. China TransInfo is involved in developing multiple applications in transportation, digital city land and resource filling system based on GIS technologies which is used to service the public sector. In addition, the Company is also developing its transportation system to include ETC technology. The Company is the co-formulator to several transportation technology national standards and has software copyrights to 23 software products. China TransInfo has won 3 of 4 model cases sponsored by the PRC Ministry of Communications. The Company's affiliation with Peking University, which currently owns 5% of PKU, provides access to the University's GeoGIS Research Laboratory, including over 30 Ph.D. researchers. As a result, the Company is currently playing a key role in setting the standards for electrified transportation information solutions.

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During 2005, and for the three months ended March 31, 2006, we owned 85% Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park in the City of Weifang in China’s eastern Shandong Province. The park is strategically located near the center of the City of Weifang and is available to the city’s approximately 8,000,000 residents and Shandong Province’s approximately 100,000,000 residents. We held our equity interest in the Park through Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park Co., Ltd., a Chinese joint venture organized in 1991. Weifang Neo-Luck (Group) Corporation, a Chinese corporation owned by the Weifang State Asset Administration Bureau, held the remaining 15% interest.

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