Origin Agritech Limited (NASDAQ:SEED)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Agritech Limited (NASDAQ:SEED) (Agricultural Technology), an agriculture technology company, announced it has received National Testing Standard approval for two GMO corn traits, confirming our due diligence. Late in the day yesterday, we published a research note and subsequently issued a related premium alert regarding information we found on the China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs website. It was evident that newly approved gene traits could be traced back to SEED:

Today’s release confirms our findings:

 “the traits that received the National Testing Standard approval are G1105E-823C, a double stack of insect resistance and herbicide tolerance corn and GH5112E-117C, an herbicide tolerance corn.

As part of the approval process, Origin's traits were tested and reviewed by third-party institutes appointed by the MOA. This method will be the national standard for testing procedures for these traits in future variety development and commercialization. According to the publication, the Standard will be implemented on November 1, 2020.”

One thing we still need to keep in mind is that in order for investors to get really excited, China has to officially announce that they have gone GMO positive.

If you missed our detailed call with SEED’s CEO and IR representative that transpired on September 8, 2020, you can go here to review the full notes.