Research - Recent Additions

These are companies that we have recently added to our database.

STMStmicroelectronics N.v. CommonNYSE1-Dec-16GeoResearch
PIOIP10 Industries IncPink Sheets1-Dec-16GeoResearch
CCAQUCommitted Cap Acq. Unit (1 ComOTC BB30-Nov-16
LLITLianluo Smart LimitedNASDAQ22-Nov-16GeoResearch
WCSTWecast Network IncNASDAQ15-Nov-16GeoResearch
COGTCogint Inc.NASDAQ27-Sep-16GeoResearch
CLDCChina Lending Corporation - OrNASDAQ26-Jul-16GeoResearch
FTEOFronteo Inc. - American DeposiNASDAQ4-Jul-16GeoResearch
NXEOUNexeo Solutions Inc. - UnitNASDAQ13-Jun-16GeoResearch
COEChina Online Education Group ANYSE10-Jun-16
JMUWowo Limited - AdsNASDAQ10-Jun-16GeoResearch
YINYintech Investment HoldingsNASDAQ27-Apr-16GeoResearch
TKATTakung Art Co Ltd Com Usd0.001Pink Sheets6-Apr-16GeoResearch
YRDYirendai Ltd. American DepositNYSE18-Dec-15
SHGTSuccess Hldgs Grou Com Usd0.00Pink Sheets2-Dec-15GeoResearch
NUINNutrastar Intl Inc Com Usd0.00Pink Sheets1-Dec-15GeoResearch
BCNNBalincan Usa Inc Com NpvPink Sheets19-Nov-15GeoResearch
CXEEChina Xuefeng Envi Com Usd0.00Pink Sheets18-Nov-15GeoResearch
DLDGDld Group Inc Nev Com Usd0.001Pink Sheets24-Sep-15
FORKFuling Global Inc. - OrdinaryNASDAQ23-Sep-15GeoResearch
SOLESole Elite GroupUnknown23-Sep-15
BOXLBoxlight CorpUnknown23-Sep-15
WHHTWonhe High-Tech In Com Usd0.00Pink Sheets27-Aug-15GeoResearch
CCRCChina Customer Relations CenteNASDAQ3-Aug-15
CETCHongli Clean Energy TechnologiNASDAQ29-Jul-15GeoResearch
JPJupai Holdings Limited AmericaNYSE15-Jul-15GeoResearch
TANHTantech Holdings Ltd.NASDAQ30-Jun-15GeoResearch
TORSutor Technology Group LimitedNASDAQ29-Jun-15GeoResearch
FOSUYFosun Intl Unsp Adr Each ReprPink Sheets17-Jun-15
CLBSCaladrius Biosciences Inc.NASDAQ9-Jun-15GeoResearch


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