Research - GeoSpecials

GeoSpecials are stocks that meet specific criteria as outlined in our Learning Center. In general, we feel that companies in this list possess characteristics that may propel their stock prices. In some cases, companies that fall short of GeoBargains land here for tracking purposes. Check back often to stay abreast of the latest updates to this list.

Stocks that meet our GeoSpecial requirements

For China, we have reinstated stocks that would be GeoSpecials for investors who believe the SEC filings are an accurate description of the company's financial situation. See more...

0UVICUnilens Vision IncGREY


On The Radar
Promising stocks that may become a GeoSpecial

0SEMSelect Medical Holdings CorporNYSE
0GLDCGolden Enterprises Inc.NASDAQ
0ARTWArt''S-Way Manufacturing Co.,NASDAQ

  • Dividend policy change
  • Acquisition
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Re-pricing of risk premium
  • Listing change
  • Significant development
  • Groundbreaking news
  • Concept stock
  • Private placement
and more...

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